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Marinated Salmon Poke Bowl

Gluten Free Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Gluten Free Travel: Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica After taking the bus across the border from Panama, a place that I didn’t find as knowledgeable about a gluten free diet, Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica, was the complete opposite. While in theory it’s pretty easy to eat gluten free almost anywhere, eating gluten free along the…

Gluten Free Cartagena, Colombia

Gluten Free Travel: Cartagena, Colombia A vibrant and colorful city, Cartagena is a must visit for various reasons! With endless culture to experience, warm Caribbean air, and delicious food – this is the perfect city for any travel, but especially those who are gluten free. Using a ton of fresh produce and seafood in their…

Gluten Free Punta Arenas, Patagonia

Gluten Free Travel: Punta Arenas, Patagonia, Chile A true gateway city to beautiful Patagonia! I must admit when we first arrived in Punta Arenas, I was less than pleased. It wasn’t overly beautiful, it didn’t offer too much, the food options seem meh, and overall it seemed like people were just passing through. While many…

Vodka Sauce

In my opinion, penne alla vodka is the ultimate comfort food. It’s the classic take and what introduced me to vodka sauce.  Naturally gluten free, this sauce is easy to make and complex in flavor – my favorite combination. Although traditionally found paired with penne pasta, this sauce could be eaten with any type of…

Thai Inspired Peanut Salad with Salmon

The peanut dressing alone is the reason you should make this salad. Topped with pan-seared salmon, this kale salad is one you’ll make over and over. Let’s be honest though, it’s the dressing for me; it’s so good that I could drink it straight. Ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but I use it as…

Black Truffle Chicken Pasta

Black Truffle Chicken Pasta Creamy, dreamy and completely decadent. You’ll think you’re at a restaurant with this easy black truffle chicken pasta. Made with cream and caramelized cremini mushrooms, this pasta is the perfect indulgence, and we all need to indulge sometimes. It may sound a little lavish, but you can find jarred truffles at…

Toasted Coconut Banana Bread

We’ve all had banana bread before, but this one is moist, packed with flavor and has the perfect level of sweetness!

The Easiest Weeknight Pizza

Forget frozen pizza!! This recipe is so quick and easy. Top it with your favorite pizza toppings or simply use as a flatbread on the side of any meal!

Salmon Poke Bowl

Homemade poke bowl thats better than takeout! Top with your favorites and customize it to be your own!

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